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Why Raw Food For Dogs

Learn why raw food for dogs is an excellent alternative to kibble dry dog food. Receive information, tips and guidelines to start raw feeding from square one right here!

Raw fed dogs running in field.

Why Raw Food For Dogs

In a few seconds, I'm going to get on my soap box and preach why raw food for dogs is simply awesome. OK, I promise not to preach but can attest that through first hand experience, raw dog food has been nothing short of amazing for our small pack.

Regardless of domestication, physiological digestive traits of the running pack of dogs heading this page is similar to that of a pack of wild canines. What a picture a pack of charging Wolves would have made!

Thinking out loud, it was somewhere around 2005 when I nervously, as many before me, began offering raw foods to my Great Dane. Frustrated with numerous dietary related issues affecting my Dane, as well as, my loose toothed Chihuahua who at the time was dealing with the breed typical dental problems, I had had enough.

After doing a ton of research, I found that dry dog kibble was filled with all sorts of nasty ingredients that not only are linked to gastrointestinal ailments in dogs, but may have contributed to the mouthful of decayed teeth making my Chihuahua's life not so tail wagging.

Sure there are kibble dog food advocates whom feel genetics and brand of food fed must certainly have played a factor in the health of my dogs, and I accept that is plausible. But after learning why raw food for dogs provides nutrition the way nature intended and a dog's body is built to consume and digest raw meat and bone, I kicked dry kibble to the curb. Haven't looked back, not once, for over a decade.

This introductory article, and additional raw feeding articles here at Feeding My Dog Breed will spell out exactly why raw food for dogs is a wonderful way to nourish all of your four legged fur kids.

Practical First Hand Info

OK I'll be honest, starting raw can be scary. I've been in your shoes and have learned through trail and error to get it just right. We'll start off with the basics here and then kick it into high gear with additional awesome articles. Our aim is to pay forward what works, tons of information, and have you well on your way by the time you make it through Feeding My Dog Bree's raw dog feeding section. Armed with knowledge and a new found comfort level, you too will see why raw food for dogs is one of the absolute best ways to nourish your life long companion.

Raw Feeding Benefits

For many, with exception of large and giant breed owners, frugally sourced raw meats can actually cost less to feed than good premium kibble. Eliminate the nuisance health issues like bad teeth, food spawned allergies causing skin and coat ailments and other problems requiring veterinary care, out of pocket expenses to care for your dog come way down.

The irony is, may vets still do not promote raw feeding and will most likely give you advice for a certain brand of kibble. Or is it profitability, not irony? That's the million dollar question!

In a nutshell, feeding raw is basically what nature intended for dogs. Raw fed dogs tend to stink less, have great teeth and should be free from common diet related ailments. Stool size is greatly reduced, temperament is often even and steady, and large breed puppies will develop at their natural metabolic rate with less chance of orthopedic growth issues.

Meal time is now meal time, and it takes a dog time to consume a raw meal, days of gulping kibble without chewing are long, long gone.

What People Are Saying

Reports of good news is common with dogs switched from kibble tor raw. Many say their once sedentary dog with time becomes more active with renewed energy and activity levels. Overweight dogs tend to lose excess body mass and improve in overall health. Shiny coats suddenly appear, shedding lessens and their dogs tend to seem happier.

Easy peasy right? Actually, the next article up will put everything into perspective, even for raw newbies ;)

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