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What is Kibble?

Those new to dogs my be thinking.. what is kibble? Great question actually and one that long time dog lovers probably don't pay a second thought. Let's look a little further at this ultra popular dry dog food and get you started in the right direction if searching for a nutritious dog food for your number one fur kid.

Bowl full of kibble dog food.

Dog Feeding Convenience

What is kibble exactly? Convenient processed cheap food for dogs to be blunt.. but I can't whole heartedly leave with that statement feeling 100% honest. In fact, since its invention back in the 1860's, kibble dry dog food has quite a track record and today, there is dry process dog food on the market that closely mimics nutritional value of a natural raw diet.

Garbage in, garbage out is a thought to keep in mind when thinking about kibble. Simply saying, pet food manufacturers pulverize ingredients like meats, grains, vegetables, binders, oils and other items to blend a specific brand of kibble. Using an extruder, think of a gigantic sausage maker, this multi-ingredient mixture is squeezed into bite size pieces and baked dry.

Ingredients used, and their source, 100% absolutely are the number one factor that determines if the dry dog food in question is good, bad, or just a cheap dog food with no nutritional value.

TIP: With our series articles such as "What is Kibble" and others here in our Feeding Dry Dog Food section. Our aim is to help achieve the best possible dry dog food for your specific needs.

How To Choose?

Stainless bowl full of dry kibble dog food.

Bowl full of kibble dog food, can you spot the problems with this low quality brand?

What is Kibble and how the heck do I choose a good processed dog food? I promise we'll get to that and by the time you read through this site you'll be a pro. Many, many factors go in to selecting a good brand, ingredients and their sources the top priority. During this process you$#39'll inevitable become an ingredient panel sleuth, picking apart brands that use excess byproducts, fillers, preservatives, synthetic vitamins and more. We provide detailed information here in our "Understanding dog food labels" section.

You'll need to play a bit of detective, look at our pet food recall articles, find out where certain brands are produced, which brands adhere to nutritional standards and more. Yes, there are a multitude of factors one must consider when selecting kibble dry dog food for your K9 companion. You must avoid the hype and perfectly produce television commercials, even at time, take a stance and disagree with your Veterinarian, but you can and will get there.

And Ironically..

At the end of the day, you may think, "What is kibble?", "Processed cheap food for dogs!". Perhaps.. The information given her at Feeding My Dog Breed will assist you in that decision. They say 80 to 90% of pet dogs eat kibble, some of which is ultra high caliber the cost of gold in a cup, others something worse and many somewhere in between. While there is dry dog food available for just about any medical condition, allergy, ailment, breed size and life stage, for many it works. Yet there are alternatives to feeding dry processed dog foods such as all-natural, freeze dried, home made and raw. All of which we'll discuss in those sections of our website.

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