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Recommended Dog Food Brands

Recommended dog food brands for all breeds large to small. Includes top picks of both quality dry dog food and excellent grain free kibble formulas.

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Recommended Dog Food Brands

What do a toy Poodle, Rottweiler, Pomeranian, Cattle Dog and every other breed have in common? You guessed it, they all need food and water to thrive.

And the uncommon attribute contrary the answer to that question? All will not thrive on the same nutrition and diet.

To complicate this logic, a couch potato dog that spends its "dog days" lounging, expending no more energy required than to nibble at fleas, requires different nutrition than a dog that's just marginally active.

To further compound the equation, breed size, small, medium, large and giant, each have unique nutritional requirements to thrive and live healthfully life long. Thrive I say, not get by, there's a difference and a trip to the Vet's office with a sick dog more often than not, is with a dog that is not thriving.

Dog Breed Specific Needs

Each dog breed in general has specific nutritional needs that can often be categorized by size, with exception to certain breeds with sensitive digestive tracts like Bulldogs. To accommodate the best nutrition for every breed, our recommended dog food brands offer top picks of both dry dog food formulas and grain free kibble, all categorized by breed size.

Life Stages

Puppy, adult & senior, or less active.. Life stages of a dog can change nutritional requirements with calorie, carbohydrate & fat levels in dog food being the most common factor. This would hold true with adult dogs that have learned soaking up the sun on your sofa beats chasing a ball paws down!

Puppies come with an entirely different set of requirements and large breed puppies must be grown slowly by feeding dog food formulas appropriate for large breed puppies with balanced calcium and phosphorus levels. The quality recommended dog food brands provided below are ideal for the breed nuances and life stages we're talking about.

Dog Diet Related Issues & Dog Food Allergies

Allergies in dogs usually manifest as skin irritations, you'll rarely hear a dog sneeze but I swear I've heard it! Suffering ends here if your dog is experiencing food related ailments, we've assembled a section of quality recommended dog food brands to meet the specific needs of dogs with nutritional and diet related maladies.

Our aim is to provide recommended dog food brands that are the best choice to fit your pet and your situation. Our team compared ingredient quality, amount of ingredients in each formula, and the source of ingredients to recommend only the best.

Recommended Dog Food Brands Include


Feeling overwhelmed by the endless array of dog food brands and formulas? Take it slow, with just a little reading here you'll be on track towards the healthiest dry dog food available for your K9 companion.

Please don't hesitate to read the rest of this website and especially, our Feeding Dry Dog Food section to see the BIG picture about the ingredients in dry dog food.

Alternatively, you can always feed raw to both dogs and puppies, we do and love it! It's not hard to get started and our Raw Feeding Dogs section provides all the info you will ever need! Believe me, raw is definitely not rocket science and a lot easier than you think!

Questions, comments, or suggestions? If there's a particular formula you'd like to discuss, or a few questions on your mind, feel free to send us a note using the email form on our contact page.