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Raw Feeding Dogs

Raw feeding dogs is easy, or at least it will be easy once you read the simple concepts we'll share in this section. And, you can even start offering a raw dog diet to your puppies today, yup!

Raw meaty bones for raw feeding dogs on a butcher block.

Raw Feeding Dogs & Raw Feeding Puppies

Adult dogs or puppies, once they're weaned of course, can eat a raw dog diet. Feeding dogs raw being honest, is much simpler than many folks believe. We'll get you started here and provide links to more specific raw articles across this page. Also, under the "Raw Feeding Library" heading in the right column.

The Concept of Raw Feeding Dogs

Raw chicken leg, piece of pork, a few ounces of beef. Just like that photo of meats on my butcher block, nothing fancy, nothing complicated. Feeding dogs raw can be as simple, or as difficult as you make it. I've been raw feeding dogs for over a decade, keep it simple is my best advice.

When thinking "Why Raw Food For Dogs?", know that thousands of pet lovers and animal nutritionists agree this is the most biologically appropriate method of proper nutrition for dogs.

If you've been pondering raw food for your dog but are not quite there yet, our Raw Dog Feeding Guide for beginners is well worth the read.

Raw Nutrition

A dog is a canine, the body of a canine is physiologically designed to thrive on nutrients found in raw meat. Unfortunately, most kibble, with exception to some really, really quality formulas that include grain free, does not provide the diet that a canine requires to thrive. Yes, they can emulate nature's intended nutrition, but not duplicate it. Learn how the concept of feeding raw meets provides Nutrition to a Canine the way nature intended.

What Raw Foods Do I Feed?

The phrase "everything tastes like chicken" is ringing in my ears about now because chicken is customarily the go-to meat when starting a dog on raw. However, multiple protein sources are important, as well as, organ meats and other important nutrients. Don't panic yet, us frugal raw feeders know what to buy and where to find it. Plus ways to keep everything simple including supplements if and when they're needed.

Feeding Puppies Raw

Puppies that are weaned and on solid food are ready for raw and quite frankly, this in my opinion is the best time to start. There are nuances however when feeding pups and we've put together a very thorough article on Raw Feeding Puppies right here. You're going to love it and if all goes to plan, enjoy a healthful long life with a puppy grown strong, allergy, disease and illness free, with a perfect demeanor, ever steady energy and even temperament. What more could you ask for?

Raw For Adult Dogs

Better late than never feeding any dog raw! While it may be a test of wills getting a long time kibble fed dog to accept raw food, your persistence will pay off. We've been there and done that. Learn about detox plus cleaver ways to acclimate your adult dog to raw, what to feed and how to get going when Switching Dogs to Raw Food on this page.

Nutrients In Raw

Thinking that protein in raw meat is way too high? Think again, raw chicken for example averages about 17% to 19% protein! How so? Raw meats have a substantial moisture content which when eaten raw, pokes a hole in that ultra high protein theory. We'll dig deeper on this topic and additional Nutritional Related Raw Info here.

We believe in raw feeding and are tired of seeing sick dogs who coincidentally, have been eating cheap kibble lifelong. Our aim is to arm you with information about raw feeding dogs so you may consider if feeding raw best serves the nutritional needs of your dog.

Myths About Raw Feeding Dogs

Dogs get bloodthirsty on raw! Dogs will die from Salmonella and Bacteria in Raw Dog Food! Just kidding, all myths! You can see where this section is going.. Let's debunk myths here, some old, some new, all false!

No Way, Never, Not Me

Read our raw feeding article and decide there's no way you can do it? Let me reassure you, you can.. but I won't be pushy. No worries here at FMDB, "Whatever you breed, we've got you covered" and there's a beautiful, comprehensive section of this site dedicated to feeding kibble. Good quality kibble of course:) Check out our Feeding Dry Dog Food section for everything kibble and you'll be on track towards the healthiest dry food available for your K9 companion.

PS. We also recommend a bunch of great formulas!

Questions, comments, or suggestions about raw feeding dogs? Don't hesitate to send us a note using the email form on our contact page.