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Feeding Irish Wolfhounds

Feeding Irish Wolfhounds to achieve a beautiful massive dog like that featured below requires a nurtured diet. We're here to help with some some guidelines and tips for feeding Wolfhound puppies and Wolfhound dogs plus some bonus tips on puppy care.

Massive Irish Wolfhound photographed standing in field along fence on rural road.

Feeding Irish Wolfhounds from Puppies Through Adulthood

Seems like yesterday that Veterinarians everywhere would preach, "Puppy food until 6 months of age then switch to adult formula kibble", for every new puppy that just received their first wellness check. Unfortunately, this has never been sound advice for feeding Irish Wolfhounds or any large breed, leaving many with giant breed dogs wondering why their young pup is suffering huge swollen carpals, bowed front legs and painful growth issues.

Here's where some solid first hand advice from fellow large and giant breed owners really earns merit. Many pet food manufacturers have also followed suit and now offer Kibble Formulas specific for large and giant breed puppies that have grown in popularity. Just like the Recommended Dog Food Brands we suggest here. And, the once taboo concept of Raw Feeding is now widely accepted as a wonderful choice for feeding Irish Wolfhounds. Seems the "dark ages"of feeding giant breed puppies is over, leaving the concept of feeding Wolfhound puppies and giant breed dogs easier than ever to grasp.

Feeding Wolfhound Puppies

Two Irish Wolfhound puppies playing with a stick.

Careful feeding and easy on the exercise with Wolfhound puppies is a must.

Wolfhound puppies can really chow down and consume quite a large quantity of food. This is not a problem as long as they're fed in several small daily meals. Take care not to overfeed Wolfhound puppies, especially in one large serving.

Adult Wolfhounds tend to "self-regulate" and can be fed multiple meals per day, or free fed if they're not competing for food. Wolfhounds have a habit of only eating while hungry and tend not binge feed an entire day's worth of food in one serving. You'll come to learn the habits of your Wolfhound puppy as you grow with them.

Like all giant breeds and any large breed that goes through a rapid growth stage, care must be taken in selecting the proper diet when feeding Irish Wolfhounds. Feeding Wolfhound puppies requires a diet with low calcium levels, minimal added supplements and a calcium/ phosphorus ratio as close to 1/ 1 as possible. In short, we want a quality natural diet with nutrient levels similar to an adult maintenance formula. High quality kibble formulas like those Recommended Here are important and a Raw Diet also works awesome.

If you're searching for nutritious kibble fit for a Wolfhound, our Feeding Dry Dog Food section will walk you through the process of finding the perfect formula.

Protein levels are still believed by some to be an important factor when feeding Irish Wolfhounds, yet the topic has been highly debated. Much has to do with the source of the protein, whether it's sourced from meats vs. grains, etc. Personally, I err on the side of caution when feeding giant breed puppies. We all know protein builds muscle and logically, it's best to grow our dog equally in relation to bone mass, joint development, tendon strength and muscle mass. Protein in excess is not required and will just be excreted by your dog's bodily functions. For this reason, we suggest a diet near or about 15% fat and 25% protein.

Raw diets work well as a kibble alternative, see our Raw Feeding Dogs section for a ton of great info feeding RAW.

Irish Wolfhound Exercise

A growing Wolfhound puppy can be fragile, yeah the irony I know. While free exercise is acceptable, take caution and calm your puppy if she gets too rambunctious. Young Wolfhounds while growing can be prone to bone and joint injuries during the rapid growth phase. Wolfhound puppies are also a bit clumsy and aloof, so supervising playtime in a safe outdoor area on soft grass or dirt is always good advice to follow.

Don't forget to check out our Dry Kibble articles which really focus on selecting a quality kibble for your Wolfhound. If there's a different large breed dog in your family, Feeding Large Breed Dogs offers specific guides written on diet and nutrition for your awesome giants.

As always and with any puppy, be sure to socialize your pup with other dogs and people. Remember, your Irish Wolfhound puppy will be a massive dog in just a few months, conditioning calm throughout early social and physical development will result in a easy to handle giant.

Additional Wolfhound Feeding Info

All the best to you and your Irish Wolfhound! For help choosing kibble dog food for your Wolfhound plus more information about raw feeding, visit our Homepage for quick banner access to the major sections of our website!