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When feeding dry dog food what's the best choice you can make for nutrition & health? We'll answer that question plus review the good and bad about feeding dogs kibble and help figure out which food is best for your dog here!

Colorful bags of dry dog food.

Feeding Dry Dog Food | Feeding Dogs Kibble

Did you know the first commercially produced dry dog food was made in England somewhere around 1860? In fact, an Ohio electrician while overseas in London selling lightning rods, witnessed dogs eating bisquits left over from ships that returned from voyage.

Amazingly, this spawned an idea that led to a successful business selling dry dog food to owners across the English countryside. Crude bisquits were made up of compounded meats, wheat, beet root and vegetables. Here, in the 1860's, the era of feeding dogs kibble had begun!

OK, our aim with the dry dog food section of Feeding My Dog Breed is not to bore you with history, but to assist you in deciding on which dog food is best for feeding your loving companion.

Estimates abound and are everywhere yet all average that upwards of 80 to 90 percent of pet dogs are fed dry dog food, kibble, or commercially processed foods!

We won't analyze every single dry dog food brand here, there are thousands of formulas on the market and great websites like Dog Food Advisor have put tons of research into providing specific formula reviews. That's great for people with hours of free time but if you're like me, there's never enough time so here at FMDB, we'll get right to the point.

Receive easy to follow guidelines on feeding dry dog food including which dog food is best. Simple easy to understand articles, suggestions of some good brands, and advice on ingredients both good and bad is what we're all about.

Our Feeding Dogs Kibble Section Includes

  • An overview of kibble dog food, much of which many may know but those new to dogs will find very informative.
  • Interesting Pros & Cons of dry kibble dog food, unbiased as usual.
  • Excellent tips on Understanding Dog Food Labels when searching for a healthy food for your favorite fur kid.
  • A comprehensive Dog Food Analysis of ingredients that are good, questionable & downright unhealthy.
  • Understanding FDA & AAFCO Dog Food Regulations and if they even matter.
  • How to determine Which Dog Food is best for dog nutrition and health.
  • Additional exclusive articles listed in the right column "DRY DOG FOOD LIBRARY". (Mobile users scroll down)

When Feeding Dry Dog Food..

You'll find there are a ton of formulas available including recipes for dogs with specialized dietary needs. Long shelf life and ready to eat makes dry dog food ultra convenient and it's widely available via brick & mortar stores, on line, or mail order. You're not alone if leaning towards this ultra-popular method of dog feeding along with millions of pet lovers.

Concerns About Kibble

Always keep in mind, the commercial pet food industry is a highly competitive, profit focused industry. Quality control is in place yet over processed ingredients that aren't fresh often end up in lesser quality formulas. And, poor brands can contain ingredients, additives, chemicals and preservatives that can be toxic or cause health problems.

Which Dog Food Is Best?

Feeding dry dog food is fine but you do have other options. Take a few minutes, read through this section of our website and get yourself familiar with the good and bad about this popular dog feeding method. At the end of the day, we're certain you'll decide on a formula that meets your standards and budget.

We're writing new informative articles about feeding dry dog food now and will provide links on this page in the coming days. If you have questions, comments, or there's a particular topic you'd like to discuss, feel free to send us a note using the email form on our contact page. All feedback is appreciated!